Holding Hands

“I love a hand that meets my own with a grasp that causes a sensation!”

~Samuel Osgood

I love it when my Husband and I first awaken in the morning, still snuggled in bed together and he gently takes hold of my hand with a gentle caress and gives me a lovingly, reassuring squeeze…just because.  The same is true if we are out walking, shopping or dining with friends and his hand slips into mine, like slipping into a favorite soft woolen mitten, knit by hand with love, to protect me from the cold.  This simple act can kindle passion like nothing else.

Do you remember the first time you held the hand of your lover, child or parent?  The first time we hold the hand of another can be a passionate experience creating a special memory that lasts a lifetime.  The touch of another can elicit feelings as strong as an electrical current sending the heart beating rapidly, or the flutter of butterflies in our stomach allowing us to feel connected with someone.

When we stop and appreciate the simple gesture of holding hands, we can experience the joy of endless possibilities…or the fond memories created by such a special experience.  In a recent conversation with a girlfriend of mine, she shared her fond memory of holding her dying mother’s hand in hopes of comforting her during her final days on earth.  Such a tender gesture…that has left such an imprint on her heart to cherish for eternity!

The feeling of being held, of knowing that we are anchored to someone, provides security and cements us to the foundation of our being.  Many times we miss out on the sheer joy of holding hands because we get caught up in the complexity of what it means.

When we can lose our self-consciousness and become vulnerable with another, we can allow the authentic experience of something truly amazing such as holding hands.

I encourage you to make the most of every moment and take hold of the hand you love.  Notice the feeling in your palm and how your fingers become interlaced with another.  More importantly, pay attention to the energy, chemistry and feelings created from holding hands!

~Joan Elizabeth Fink-Arney