DUI-Substance Abuse Assessments

I have met the training and proficiency requirements in the Nebraska Standardized Model for substance abuse evaluations called the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), for court approved alcohol/drug evaluations in Nebraska.   The ASI is accepted and preferred by most courts, probation offices, and treatment providers in Nebraska and surrounding areas.

The evaluation is conducted using the Addiction Severity Index (ASI), which is a semi-structured interview designed to address seven potential problem areas in substance-abusing clients which include:  Clients general information; medical status; employment and support status; drug and alcohol use; legal status; family and social status; and psychiatric status.

All information gathered is confidential and will be used by the treatment or research staff.  Following the interview, a report is completed and recommendations for treatment based on the information gathered.  If further treatment is needed, I offer a variety of substance use treatment options including:

  • Individual Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Sessions
  • Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Group Sessions – Dates TBD